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Our beautiful studio is the creation of our owner, Robert Turner, who opened breathe in 2014. He envisioned inviting select wellness professionals to share the space, serving clients with the highest quality of care and expertise. In addition to Pilates, the breathe studio is home to the dedicated practices listed below, all of which are locally-owned and managed.  We invite you to learn more about all of our unique practices listed below.  All are available by appointment only, so please register for a session on their MINDBODY app or call the individual professional before you visit us at 250 Walton Avenue, Suite 156.

Yoga at Breathe

laura cox

Laura has an appreciation for and fascination with human movement.  While earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky, she started jogging and cycling as a practice for self-wellness. This led her to explore a 360-degree approach of hot yoga, somatic yoga, athletic progressive yoga and Pilates methods to enjoy their calming, centering benefits.  Laura believes that a body-mind approach can be a means of self-inquiry for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing,

Laura’s certifications include: 500 hour Hot Yoga training in Los Angeles, California, Spring 2011; 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Essence of Yoga Center in Richmond, Kentucky, 2019; and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Saj Yoga in Lexington, Kentucky, 2021. 

Weekly Pilates lessons with mentors Satoko Kikumoto and Robert Turner led Laura to enroll and complete a 600 hour Comprehensive Classical Pilates program through Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates.  Her aim is to guide Pilates and yoga clients towards more freedom of movement in their daily lives outside of the studio.

To schedule a session with Laura, call or email her at (859) 273-2843 or


Erica seeks to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  A Lexington native who enjoys the adventure of travel, she particularly appreciates the delights of French culture and cuisine.  She also loves the arts including theatre, music, films and books.  Erica’s a fan of hot teas and soups, hiking with her dog, teaching yoga and time with friends: She loves life in a variety of shapes and textures.

Erica completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and is currently working towards her 500-hour training.  While she appreciates an alignment-based practice, she recognizes the importance of listening to one’s own intuition. She feels the movement of yoga is a like a dance, uniting awareness and curiosity while accessing an embodied experience through the guidance of the breath. For Erica, life is a balance between opposites, and she applies this philosophy to her practice of yoga and life.  When she’s not teaching yoga, she teaches French at the Carnegie Center and to individual clients at local cafes.

Contact Erica to schedule a session at (859) 273-2843 or connect via email at


Shayne Brakefield Massage

Shayne Brakefield is a proud graduate of the prestigious Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City, where he completed a 1200 hour Massage Therapy program. He has extensive education/experience in eastern and western modalities, including Swedish relaxation, Deep tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Tui na, Vedic Thai, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Kinesio Tape, and Ashiatsu. Shayne is the only (male) licensed massage therapist in the state of KY certified to practice Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. He is a teacher of movement (Alexander Technique/Feldenkraise/Trager techniques) at Lexington Healing Arts Academy, where he teaches/lectures on proper body mechanics, and somatic intelligence and awareness. Shayne operated his own studio in NYC, as well as working for Equinox and Clay Fitness in NYC, and whose client list consists of Oscar/Tony/Emmy/Grammy winners. Shayne’s bodywork objective is to gently guide and inspire people towards homeostasis through somatic awareness, stress reduction, pain relief, and health maintenance. He will tailor all massage/bodywork to meet your specific needs and concerns. 

Contact Shayne to book a massage (859) 433-0245 by text or call, email at, or on Facebook at Shayne Brakefield Massage.

Corrective Therapies

Sarah varga

Sarah Varga, owner of Corrective Therapies, received her diploma in massage and bodywork at The School of Body Therapies in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. She also received the valedictorian award on the 250-hour Deep Tissue and Anatomy training class. Sarah is certified in over 18 types of massage and bodywork including Deep Tissue, cupping and magnet therapy, Thai massage, Reflexology as well as energy work and equine massage. She considers herself a healer at heart, assuring that client’s current issues are addressed and working to help them feel pain-free and on the road to their health and fitness goals. She creatively combines many modalities to give her clients the best possible outcome.  For more information, see the website here.  To schedule a session, please contact Sarah at 267-394-2866.

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